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We are tattoo artists that can tattoo any style. So, call, book online or just come on down to the best tattoo shop in Athens. All of us in TattoosClub23, we were born from the flames of the fire of creating the art of tattooing, many years ago. Welcome to the real experience of tattoo art and body piercing.

TattoosClub23 offers a clean, safe environment for you to get unique body work done by trained professionals. Customers can choose from various Tattoos & Piercing styles, including helix, daith, constellation, lobe, lip, or nostril piercing. Dedicated stylists can help you decide on the perfect look!

Shop for all your body jewelry needs. Rings, Plugs, Belly Rings, Nose Rings, Ear Piercing Jewelry, Septum and Nose Rings, Tshirts and so much more. Shop quality. Save huge! You can visit our store or you can make an order online.

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Creation room

With a priority on versatility, our tattoo artist chairs are adjustable in height, seat and leg angle to offer client comfort when tattooing.

Reception area

We succeeded in making our studio into a bright, clean and carefully designed place where you can find high-quality tattoo services as well as body piercings, microdermals and implants.

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Take a peek inside our Wonder world


Take a peek inside our Wonder world

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Finding your dream tattoo.

Finding your dream tattoo.

You Think It, We Ink It.
Your Body Is A Canvas And We Are Your Artists.
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